Dehydration in the military

Intense physical performance and warm weather are two of the most common causes of dehydration in the military.  Soldiers are often required to carry 80-pound rucksacks and perform training or combat exercises at maximum capacity all in extreme climates. Plus, during basic training or in combat situations, soldiers don’t have the luxury to stop, cool down and recover.

With such demands on the body, soldiers sweat vital fluids and essential electrolytes out at a very rapid pace. In extremely hot, dry climates, for example, a soldier can lose up to 3 liters of sweat per hour.

DripDrop: A better solution than water, sports drinks and IVs

Military uniform soldier rowWater, IVs and sports drinks aren’t ideal rehydration solutions for military professionals. Water lacks essential electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, which are lost quickly in sweat. Sports drinks, on the other hand, do not contain enough electrolytes. And they are loaded with sugar and other sweeteners.

In severe cases, IVs are commonly used to treat dehydration, but this protocol has several disadvantages. For instance, IVs are a challenge to administer in combat situations, and when administered in the field, the risk for infection soars. Plus, IVs require a medic and they add weight to already heavy rucksacks.

Elite military units currently use DripDrop because they understand its unique combination of efficacy, taste, and portability. DripDrop empowers every soldier to administer medical grade hydration, whether to him/her self, or a comrade in need.

Join Us

DripDrop is proud to announce a new Distribution and Pricing Agreement with the Department of Defense DLA.  DAPA contract SP0200-14-H-0047 will help DripDrop support the members of the Army, Airforce, Marines, Navy, National  Wildland Firefighters, and BLM with a medically relevant hydration solution for the prevention and treatment of dehydration. In addition to this agreement the  Prime Vendor Program is effective with the DLA and the DoD prime vendor program for both part numbers

You can order DripDrop through the Class VIII product budget or GPC card.

  • Lemon flavor part # DDPHPOLM24002 96 Ea 0.5 liter sticks
  • Berry Flavor part # DDPHPOBY24002 96 Ea 0.5 liter sticks (case configuration 24 boxes of 4 packets)
  • DripDrop DDPHPOLM100CT   100 Ct Bulk Case Lemon 100 sticks
  • DripDrop DDPHPOBY100CT 100 Ct. Bulk Case Berry 100 sticks

Please contact Greg Sumerlin, // 415-962-1017, Senior Director of Military and Government Sales with any further questions.


[DripDrop] provides what your body needs and leaves out what it doesn’t. It is easy to ship and transport…

– Nate S. – Retired Military