Proper Hydration for Athletes

Dehydration is commonly caused by sports and exercise because physical activity speeds up the loss of fluids and electrolytes in the body. During an intense workout, an athlete can pour out up to a half gallon or more of fluids through sweat. And when these fluids and electrolytes aren’t replenished quickly enough, dehydration sets in.

Pro Volleyball Players; Jeremy Casebeer, upper right and Geena Urango, above.

Salt, which the body uses to retain fluids and draw water into the body, is the primary electrolyte lost when you sweat. Therefore, beverages with higher electrolyte content – mainly salt – are better suited to improve fluid retention. While it seems obvious for rehydration drinks to increase sodium levels, studies have shown that higher sodium content can adversely affect taste. To address this issue, many sports drinks have lowered sodium content and increased sugar, in turn, sacrificing some of their hydration power. DripDrop has flipped this problem on its head. In fact, despite DripDrop’s maintaining a salt-to-sugar ratio that actually speeds absorption, DripDrop tastes good enough to drink every day.


A hydration alternative that is quick, on the go, tastes good and most importantly deeply rooted in philanthropic work.

– Kashi Walmer – USC Volleyball Athlete